Cotton Manufacturer and Trading

PT. Mitra Catur Artha Mas was established in 1997, with Head Office in Jakarta and factory in Purwakarta – West Java.
PT. Mitra Catur Artha Mas, well known as "MCM", is part of Catur Group
MCM is a manufacturing company in the processing of cotton as a base product and the finished products that are useful for their daily needs and health care.

Our factory is specialized in producing Absorbent Bleached Cotton : comber noil and virgin or mixed.
MCM always continues to develop capabilities, mastery of technology, and experiences.

Until today, businesses that have been carried out by MCM are including Absorbent Bleached Cotton (exports), Sliver Cotton, Facial Cotton or cotton puff, Cotton Ball and Cotton Bud or cotton swab.

In August 2009, MCM started to penetrate the local market for various products :
1. Facial cotton with brand name "MCA"
2. Cotton buds with brand name "MCM"
3. We accept private labels demand as per specification of the buyers
In 2012, MCM launched a new brand which called "Fluffy" and develop type of products (spiral, combination, cosmetic and baby cotton buds and cotton ball)

With all the technology from Japan and the renewal of machines, MCM is committed to provide satisfaction to our customers with our motto : QII (Quality, Innovation, and Improvement).


mitra catur

 1,200 Ton / Year
 Bleached Cotton Export : 800 Ton / Year
 Cotton Sliver : 200 Ton / Year
 Cotton Puff and Cotton Ball : 100 Ton / Year
  Cotton Bud
 400 Ton / Year
 350 Ton / Year
  • Absorbent Bleached Cotton
  • Cotton Sliver
  • Facial Cotton / Cotton Puff
  • Cotton Buds / Cotton Swab
  • Cotton Ball